Sandip Daptri

November 22, 2009

Sandip Daptri – b. 1976

Sandip Daptri was born in Beherampur, West Bengal in 1976. After completing a Bachelors degree in painting from the Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts, Sandip went on to do his masters in Graphics (at the same University), an intentional shift that helped him in development of his drawing techniques. The experience of working in graphics added perspective to the artists work. Strong rendering and drawing is evident in his paintings. After having done a lot of etching in his postgraduate years, Sandip eventually shifted back to painting.

His recent paintings are a study on child psychology and these works show keen sense of balance in terms of colour, space and movement. A fluidity of thought is abound. Though the process of beginning a work or rather putting the images and ideas on to the canvas is a rather slow one, spontaneous creativity is revealed in the way in which Sandip begins his work with just a single image and then slowly builds up the entire surface. In some works the artist divides space very obviously by demarking it into two and working upon two individual objects and areas, whereas in other works the division of space is less obvious. Using acrylic and watercolours, the artist is always open to experimentation, and he plans to use both oil and acrylic on the same surface in order to add to the dimension of the flat surface.

He has painted in various solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad–‘Moments’, Annat Art, Kolkata, 2009,  ‘Cutting Chai’, Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodara, 2009,  ‘Indian Contemporary Art’, Art World, Singapore, 2006—to name a few. Sandip Daptri continues to paint dreams woven in reality.

When We Cross Them - Oil on Canvas


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